How to Become a Good Wife? 

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So, your guy finally bent the knee, and now you are finally committed to spending the rest of your life with this person. Now you are planning for the wedding and thinking about the future, you probably already have asked yourself, “Am I going to be a good wife for my husband, as he would be a good husband to me?”  


Planning for the engagement party or the wedding day is not as anxious and exciting as planning to become the better version of yourself for this someone. Your wedding day can be made perfect, all you just need are a good venue, good dress, good decors, good quality photos with Evanston Professional Wedding Photography, and a well-prepped beauty rest before the wedding. Being a good wife is a continuous process; It does not just end in one event. 




So how to be a good wife? Read the following: 


  1. Be Complete as One

Now, that you are still waiting for your wedding, this means that you are still committed to yourself. Spend the rest of your remaining “single” years, months, or weeks to be whole. Do what you want to do alone like traveling, find hobbies and all those things that married women tell you that you will not be able to do when married. Always be comfortable not having a man in your life, because as you marry one, your life will be interconnected, yes, but the two of you do not necessarily own each other’s life. 


2.Learn How to Compromise 

When you are married, everything needs to be decided together. Neither one of you gets his/her way all the time when it comes to making all decisions in the family. So, being able to compromise and selfless in doing things will help you become not just a good wife, but a good person for yourself and others. 


You can start practicing this by considering the needs and desires of your family and friends. Do the things your friends and family want to do without expecting something in return. In this way, you will help yourself frame in your mind the concept of “us” and “them”.   


  1. Be Able to Accept Your Faults 

Open communication depends on how you are able to accept and admit your faults. It can be a bit annoying and difficult to do, but it is necessary for a good relationship foundation.  


Admit that your spouse will never be perfect, neither can you. It does not matter what your faults are, the fact is you will always have them When you admit your faults, you bring an open relationship to the both of your and exercise humility in your part. 


  1. Be authentic

Planning how to be a good wife does not equate to falling into pretensions for the rest of your life.  


Re real about who you are. Do not cover things that you think your spouse or others will not like about you. As long as it is not a toxic trait, you do not need to change it. Figure out who you are and us that in your relationship. Also, allow your spouse to be authentic when he is with you. A relationship between two authentic people will be more fulfilling for both of you. 

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